Big Bears In Bareback Fucking Piggy Sex

The Return of Red Alstott – Part 2

Added: 2019-01-31

MuscleBull and Red Alstott are still going at it in this second part of a hot bareback fuck. Red climbs on MuscleBull and rides his cock hard and deep. MuscleBull can barely contain himself and almost cums a couple times, as Red milks his thick Latin dick with that furry muscle butt, while he is flexing his chest and biceps. Next, MuscleBull flips Red over and pounds him hard from behind, while flexing for the camera. In a final round of bareback fucking MuscleBull goes really deep to drive it home. These two are sweating up a storm, as MuscleBull edges closer and closer, before pulling his dick from and shooting a load that he fucks back into Red’s hole. Red gets piggy and cleans up MuscleBull’s cum soaked dick, tasting his ass and moaning with satisfaction.